About us

Mag. Peter Weigl

is CEO of the company. He graduated from MBA at the JKU University in Austria and started his business career in Austria’s largest international Trading House, where he experienced in worldwide commodity trading for more than 30 years. As a Member of the Board he was responsible for the commodity divisions and the successful strategic development of the company. More than 17 subsidiaries and partner companies in trading were founded in this period as strategic tools in operation, contributing substantially to the consolidated result of the group. His management skills and long experience in business development will empower the company to achieve defined growth tasks.

Prof. Dr. Alireza Eslamian

Alireza is the CTO of FSS. He acquired his BSC in Mechanical Engineering from IUST, MSC from UT and PhD from SRBIAU and has been a university lecturer and professor for more than 10 years. His fields of study and research are multiphase fluid flows, non-Newtonian fluids, CFD and SPH. He has a long experience in design and manufacturing of different machineries in the field of mineral processing, furnaces, powerplants and MV, HV electrical equipment.

Mag. Ursula Weigl

is CMO of the company and graduated from her study of International Business Science at the Economic University Vienna, after starting her practice in project management in an international construction company. By going international she became responsible for the financial operation in the management of the company, besides her main domain of marketing and dissemination, from where she gained vast experience in execution and international business administration. 

MEng Tino Kokan

is a Senior Project Manager at FSS. He is a master in mechanical engineering (MEng), with more than 10 years of professional work experience. He has experience in R&D and manufacturing of machinery used in automotive, shipbuilding, and machining industries. He was in charge of leading investment projects in the cement industry, and had roles as a maintenance engineer and preventive maintenance planner in one of world’s biggest cement producer.

Lenart Gabriel

is a mechatronics engineer and designer, responsible for the production of prototypes.

Mona Farkas

is an assistant and responsible for administrative, human resources and marketing tasks. She graduated from business school with the key course element in Studies in Media and Arts.