The FSS Filter Solutions

Game changing filter technology

Closeup of the FSS air filter

The FSS filter is based on cyclone technology for particle separation. It’s unique design helps to overcome traditional challenges, that today’s state of the art filters are struggling with.

The FSS filter was born from the combined industrial experience in the mineral processing industry and automotive paint shops, and the extensive experience as a simulation service provider in these industries.

The unique benefits of the FSS filter

  • A filtering capability of 600 NM
  • Reliable performance even without gravity
  • Filtering capabilities in both directions
  • No blockage – ever
  • Automatic depletion
Simulation of the flow of air inside the hydrocyclone of the FSS filter

Protective Equipment

3D visualization of the PPP mask

PPP (Personal Proved Protection) Mask

The vision of the PPP mask is to transform personal protective masks from a daily burden into a comfortable accessory.

Face masks came into the attention of the public through the covid pandemic. But even beyond the times of crisis, protective equipment has a wide usage in the medical sector, for first responders, and in the technical consumer market.

Advantages of the PPP mask

  • No headaches
  • No fogging of glasses
  • Improved acoustics
  • Reusability
  • Transparency of the mask
  • Increased air flow
  • CO2 exchange
Closeup of the filter in the PPP mask

Automotive solutions

Air filtration in cars have to appease high standards – the FSS filter makes it possible

Challenges in car ventilation

Air filters for passenger compartments need to be
fully operative for 24 months. By today, no such filter

Car manufacturers are struggling to find a solution.
FSS has the answer.

Filter addon and/or entirely new systems

Already today the FSS filter can be installed as a
supplement to the main filter in cars. The longetivity
of the filter can easily bypass the 2 year period this

In the future, old filter systems can be completly substituted by the FSS filter; increasing filtration quality and lifetime.

  • Regular air filter
  • New FSS filter

Industrial solutions

HVAC simulation of an office, done by FSS’ sister company Engineering Software Steyr

FSS Filter in heating and ventilation systems

The HVAC industry is an evergrowing one, with
millions of different application fields for filters.

The FSS filter can be adapted and individualized for
every one of them. Increase the effectivity of air filtration at home, in production facilities, in public places, and much more.